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RI Straightening machine

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The HAEUSLER RI series was designed for straightening sheet metal of various dimensions and materials. The standard programme of the RI family includes sheet widths of up to 5000 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 120 mm. Depending on the technical specification, the straightening machines are equipped with 5, 7, 9 or 11 straightening rollers. The concept of the RI machine reflects the experience and knowledge gained in more than 85 years of close and fair partnership with customers all over the world.

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Direct roller drive

Best results for thin & thick plates

Highest longevity

Easiest operation

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Direct roller drive

The direct roller drive ensures automatic speed compensation between the different rollers; this solution also offers integrated overload protection.


Best results for thin & thick sheets

The special single roller adjustment of the HAEUSLER RI series enables our customers to optimally straighten both thin and very thick sheets.


Highest durability

By using very large dimensioned rolls, the so-called Hertzian pressure is reduced; this increases the service life of HAEUSLER straightening machines enormously.


Simplest operability

HAEUSLER straightening machines are equipped with an intelligent control system which allows the operator to achieve perfect results in the shortest possible time.

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RI Applications

Straightening machines are very often used in shipbuilding, where they are used on the one hand for stress homogenization within the plates and on the other hand to improve the straightness tolerances.
Plate bending
for shipbuilding.

The HAEUSLER RI is used, among other things, in the construction of container, passenger and naval ships.

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The machine has been used intensively from the beginning and is regularly operated in 3 shifts. The HAEUSLER machine is considered to be the absolute key machine of our production and is indispensable for us.

Denis Monteiro Alves, Alstom, Production Manager

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