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CMR Fullbody Pipe Expander

Complete equipment 

at the final forming stage

Expanding is the final forming step in the production of pipe – it defines the final shape of the pipe and is necessary today to meet the required standards in LSAW Pipe Mills.
HAEUSLER offers the complete equipment including pre-washing system, expander, expander tools, post-washing and water treatment.

at a glance

100% straight tubes

Closest tolerances

Minimal wear and tear

High output

Features of the HAEUSLER CMR

The development of the HAEUSLER CMR Fullbody Pipe Expander was mainly driven by the practical experience gained in HAEUSLER pipe mills worldwide. The HAEUSLER CMR combines all relevant features our customers have asked for in the production of high-end pipes.

Benchmark list:

  • Largest possible contact surface on the cone
  • Liner and cone assembly constantly in contact
  • Rack and pinion drives
  • No manual settings for setup
  • hydraulically preloaded tool holder
  • Individual lubrication lines on each segment
  • Combined 4-chamber force and speed cylinder
  • Pressure-controlled hydraulic pumps through LoadSensing
  • Individual double stroke in automatic program
  • Tool changing device Pipe measuring system
  • Automatic straightness correction modes

100% straight pipes

The patented clamping weighers in combination with the software developed by HAEUSLER make it possible to expand every pipe in perfect quality.


Tightest tolerances

The variable process control developed by HAEUSLER allows the tightest tolerances to be achieved, even at the pipe ends.


Minimal wear

The unique expander head design combined with the intelligent Smart Lube Consumption System ensures minimal tool wear with the lowest possible oil consumption.


High output

The fully automated control of the machine, as well as the high speeds, enable an assured high output of the entire plant.

Product Overview

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CMR applications

The HAEUSLER Fullbody Pipe Expander is especially used in the onshore and offshore industry.
Plate bending for
the onshore and offshore industry.

HAEUSLER has many years of experience in the development and production of production machines for onshore and offshore applications.

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In the company HAEUSLER we see a strong partner for our core competence of stainless steel heat exchanger production. The production requirements are coordinated together and the machines are subject to permanent further development. From the idea to the development, construction and production up to the service – we receive everything from one source.

Frank Hesse, Viessmann, Head of Production

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HAEUSLER is certified
according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our reliable quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ensures our customers a consistently high product and service quality.