Autonomous bending

Why investing in innovation is so important

Traditional manual bending processes are prone to a variety of problems, including quality defects, slow production times, downtimes, high levels of waste and a shortage of skilled la­bour. Added to this are more difficult frame­work conditions due to increased raw material and energy prices. These factors not only affect pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, but also the compet­i­tive­ness and market se­cu­ri­ty of com­pa­nies.
HAEUSLER has once again honoured its reputation as an innova­tion leader by being the first and only manufacturer in the world to introduce autonomous bending for the EVO ma­chine series. With this technically innovative solu­tion, HAEUSLER offers sig­nif­i­cant added value in terms of pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and pre­dic­ta­bil­i­ty in order to successfully meet the chal­lenges of the industry.

The solution

Sheet metal bending for shipbuilding with round bending machines

Autonomous bending
The solution can be quite simple.

The EVO machine series offers manufacturing companies a wide range of benefits that not only increase productivity, but also ensure market security and long-term profitability. With the integration of a self-learning and self-correcting system and the option of 24/7 operation, autonomous bending is a future-orientated investment. It helps companies to compete and succeed in an increasingly demanding market environment.

Experience innovation
Autonomous bending in action

Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie es funktioniert. Erleben Sie, wie die EVO komplett autonom den Biege­prozess durchführt und sich dabei selbst­ständig korrigiert.

Our promise.

Autonomous bending

Our EVO machines simplify the day-to-day work of companies and operators, save costs in upstream and downstream processes and open up new possibilities thanks to extended design freedom. With over 85 years of expertise and as a leading manufacturer of round­bending­machines, we not only offer quality and reliability, but also a decisive competitive advantage. Discover the future of bending with HAEUSLER AG.



Autonomous bending enables an increase in production output through more efficient work processes and minimised downtimes.


cost efficiency

Significant cost savings can be achieved by reducing rejects, material waste and manual labour hours.



Precise and repeatable bending leads to a consistently high quality of the bent parts, which improves the overall quality of production.


& adaptability

The ability to react quickly to changing product requirements and bend complex shapes precisely increases the flexibility and adaptability of your production processes.



Through precise control and monitoring, our bending machines equipped with autonomous bending minimise the risk of accidents and increase safety in the workplace, resulting in reliable and safe operation.


time saving

Our technology enables a more efficient bending process and reduces the overall production time, resulting in improved efficiency.


Autonomous bending
The revolution in the bending process

Find out in our factsheet how HAEUSLER’s autonomous bending technology for the EVO machine series is revolutionising metal process

Important questions
about autonomous bending

We understand that change and innovation are often met with scepticism. You may ask yourself: Will it really work? Am I taking any risks? That’s why we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from our customers on this topic and answered them in our FAQ.

Is there a risk that operators will lose their jobs due to autonomous bending machines?
The introduction of autonomous bending machines is not aimed at replacing jobs, but at optimising the work process. Autonomous bending increases productivity and allows more orders to be processed. The operator’s skills can be focussed on other tasks during the autonomous bending process. It also creates space for further training and the development of new skills.
Is autonomous bending safer than the manual bending process?
The bending machines with autonomous bending are equipped with advanced safety mechanisms to prevent accidents (light barriers). The precise control and monitoring reduce human error and help to make the working environment safer.
Is the quality of the bent parts affected by autonomous bending?
On the contrary, workpieces that have been bent autonomously guarantee consistently high quality, as the roll position is continuously measured autonomously during the bending process and adjusted accordingly. This reduces waste and improves the overall quality of production while at the same time increasing independence from your suppliers.
How does the introduction of autonomous bending affect production costs?
The introduction of autonomous bending can significantly reduce production costs by enabling more efficient work processes, optimising the use of materials and reducing downtime. This investment leads to an overall increase in productivity and can therefore clearly be categorised as a cost-cutting measure.
Can I bend in the same way as before with autonomous bending?
Autonomous bending offers the same flexibility as manual bending, if not more. Through precise control and continuous monitoring and adjustment, complex shapes can be developed with extended design freedom. This increases the company’s flexibility.

This is
the process.

We accompany you on the path to increased productivity

Our EVO machines simplify the day-to-day work of companies and operators, save costs in upstream and downstream processes and open up new possibilities thanks to extended design freedom. Discover the future of bending with HAEUSLER AG and increase your productivity, quality and competitiveness.


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The decision to switch to HAEUSLER’s autonomous bending machines was a milestone for our company. Thanks to the support and advice of the HAEUSLER team, we were able to optimise our bending processes and significantly increase our productivity. The EVO machine, equipped with autonomous bending, has not only improved the accuracy and reproducibility of our products, but also alleviated our shortage of skilled labour. We are extremely satisfied with the results and can unreservedly recommend HAEUSLER as a reliable partner.

Production manager of a renowned medium-sized company in Germany.

Info pack autonomous bending

Video and factsheet – all in one package.



If you are interested in finding out whether autonomous bending can also lead to greater predictability, flexibility, safety, cost reduction and increased productivity in your company, a brief discussion with one of our contacts is the ideal way to find out. Or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to get back to you.

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