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SPBM 3-roll plate bending machine

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First-class HAEUSLER quality paired with longevity and highest precision – this is exactly what you get with the 3-roll plate bending machine SPBM from HAEUSLER. The SPBM has been specially adapted to the needs of shipyards. Thanks to the support technology of the rolls developed by HAEUSLER, sheets up to 25 m wide and up to 60 mm thick can be processed. The automatic deflection compensation developed by HAEUSLER enables our customers to bend even the longest sheets in perfect straightness. It is not for nothing that the SPBM is by far the most widely used ship plate bending machine worldwide.

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Best bending results

Bending conical parts

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The HAEUSLER SPBM 3-roll plate bending machine for ship plates is the absolute reference in shipbuilding. Plate widths of up to 25 m and wall thicknesses of up to 60 mm can be bent on this machine. The integrated automatic deflection compensation enables our customers to achieve a perfect bending result. Since the lower rollers of the SPBM can be set to an inclined position, conical sheets as well as the so-called skewing parts can be produced without any problems. Bending work can also be carried out on the machine without the use of additional press tools on the lower rollers. The SPBM convinces not only with its perfect bending results, but also with its unsurpassed flexibility and user-friendliness.

Best bending results

The automatic deflection compensation developed by HAEUSLER ensures that all rollers remain absolutely straight during the bending process. This means that all sheets can be bent optimally. Manual adjustments are no longer necessary thanks to this technology.


Conical parts can be bent

The bottom rollers of the SPBM can be brought into an inclined position if desired. This enables the bending of conical parts.


No additional pressing tools are necessary

The special arrangement of the bottom roller support enables our customers to carry out pressing work without the use of additional tools on the bottom rollers.


Easy to use

The menu navigation on the touch display is intuitive, the machine actively supports you during operation. All bending-relevant data can be displayed and adapted on the control.

Standard equipment

Automatic central grease lubrication for easy maintenance

By using an automatic central grease lubrication system, all relevant points of the machine are automatically lubricated.

Fast reacting overrun brake for precise bending

The quick-reacting overrun brakes fitted as standard enable the operators to work very precisely. Furthermore, these brakes are an important safety factor, as they prevent plates from slipping out of the machine unintentionally.

Ethernet connection for online access

The online access enables our service engineers to access our customers’ machines within the shortest possible time and guarantees an optimal support.

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SPBM Applications
The reference in shipbuilding

The HAEUSLER ship plate bending machine SPBM is used in shipyards for various types of ships.

Plate Bending
for shipbuilding

The Haeusler ship plate bending machine SPBM is used for the construction of container, passenger and naval ships.

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EAS owns a HAEUSLER SPBM 16000-1600 which is in regular use and contributes greatly to the productivity of our shipyard. We are very satisfied with the performance and quality of the machine supplied, which fully meets all requirements.

Jose Roberto M. Freire, Estaleiro Atlantico Sul, Brazil, Managing Director

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