RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine│For efficient pipe bending

High Productivity
Flexible in use

RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine

Pipe bending
The right process for every pipe mill

The HAEUSLER RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine is the ideal solution for precise pipe bending in any pipe production. This machine is the cornerstone of many LSAW pipe production facilities worldwide, impressing with its flexibility, high bending quality, and productivity, leading to a quick return on investment.
Only the HAEUSLER RMS offers three different bending processes: bending with a pre-tensioned top roll, bending with a supported top roll, and press bending.
Thanks to this versatility and HAEUSLER’s renowned quality, the RMS is perfect for industrial applications in bending steel pipes and round pipes.

Advantages at a glance

Highest bending quality

Flexible production

Very high output

Simple & comfortable

High productivity & flexibility
in pipe bending

The HAEUSLER RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine is the cornerstone of every LSAW pipe production line. It excels with perfect bending results, unparalleled flexibility, and ease of use. This machine is ideal for precise pipe bending, especially for steel pipes and round pipes. Combined with the HAEUSLER post-bending or pre-bending press, the RMS is globally leading in terms of output, pipe quality, and return on investment. The RMS enables efficient roll bending and offers customized solutions for every industrial pipe production.

Highest bending quality through continuous forming process

Compared to other forming processes, the roll bending process offers a continuous and homogeneous application of force into the plate to be bent. This avoids stress peaks in the formed pipe and ensures the best possible pipe quality.


Very high output

Due to the fully automated roll bending process, including plate and pipe handling, cycle times of less than 3 minutes per pipe can be realized. This ensures a reliable and calculable output of the entire plant.


Flexible production possibilities

The roll bending process offers the great advantage that the complete production portfolio in the LSAW pipe mill range (16


Simple operation and high degree of automation

The fully automatic machine control developed by HAEUSLER enables our customers to achieve perfect bending results with only a few steps.

Standard equipment

Automatic central grease lubrication for easy maintenance

The automatic central grease lubrication ensures continuous lubrication of all relevant points of the pipe bending machine, significantly simplifying maintenance and ensuring a longer lifespan of the machine.

Fast reacting overrun brake for precise pipe bending

The standard-built, fast-reacting back-up brakes enable precise pipe bending and enhance safety by preventing pipes or plates from unintentionally slipping out of the pipe bending machine.

Ethernet connection for online access

The Ethernet connection allows our service engineers to quickly access our customers’ pipe bending machines and provide optimal support, maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime.

Product Overview

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RMS applications
The heart of pipe production

The HAEUSLER RMS 3-roll plate bending machine is primarily used in LSAW pipe mills for the production of pipelines for both onshore and offshore applications.

Plate bending
for the on- & offshore industry

HAEUSLER has many years of experience in the development and construction of production machines for on- and offshore applications.

Important questions
to RMS pipe bending machine

Discover the HAEUSLER RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine, a leader in the LSAW pipe production industry. In this FAQ section, we address your questions about the technical advantages and applications of this advanced machine.
How does the RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine improve pipe bending processes in LSAW pipe production?
The RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine optimizes pipe bending in LSAW pipe production through advanced control technologies. This results in improved production cycles and higher quality pipes for onshore and offshore applications.
What technical advantages does the RMS offer for bending steel pipes in offshore projects?
The RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine enables bending of steel pipes under the demanding conditions of offshore projects due to its robust construction and precise control. Its ability to handle heavy and thick pipes minimizes production errors and enhances safety.
Why is the RMS ideal for efficient production in the onshore and offshore industries?
Thanks to its high productivity and flexibility, the RMS supports efficient pipe bending processes in the onshore and offshore industries. Its innovative technology allows for quick adjustments and meets specific customer requirements, making it an indispensable tool.
How does the automation of the RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine support product longevity?
The RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine utilizes automated pipe bending processes that ensure consistently high quality and accuracy. This precision reduces material fatigue and extends the lifespan of the pipes produced, leading to significant cost savings.
What bending methods are supported by the RMS?
The RMS 3-roll pipe bending machine supports various pipe bending methods, including roll bending and press bending. This versatility enables precise and flexible bending for different applications and material requirements.

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